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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness

God’s plan of salvation and happiness helps you understand the purpose of life and your relationship with Him. Centered on Jesus Christ, God’s plan teaches where you came from, the purpose of life, and what happens when you die.

God’s plan of salvation answers life’s great questions, such as: “Where did I come from?” “What is my purpose in life?” “What happens when I die?”

Where did I come from? Your life did not begin at birth, nor will it end at death. You are made up of a spirit body (sometimes called the soul) and a physical body. Heavenly Father created your spirit body, and you lived with Him before you were born on earth. You knew and loved Him, and He knew and loved you.

What is my purpose in life? Your purpose in leaving God’s presence to come to earth includes obtaining a physical body, gaining experience, and learning to make right choices. God influences you to do good and to follow Him, while Satan tempts you to ignore God and commit sin. When you commit sin, you separate yourself to some degree from God. You cannot overcome sin and its effects without Jesus Christ. He voluntarily suffered for your sins, pains, sicknesses, and sorrows. This payment is called the Atonement. Christ’s atoning sacrifice makes it possible to be forgiven, which brings inner peace and happiness.

What happens when I die? Physical death is a step forward in Heavenly Father’s plan. At death, your spirit will leave your body and go to the spirit world, which is a place of learning and preparation. One of God’s gifts is the Resurrection, the reuniting of the physical body and spirit, made possible by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. After you are resurrected, you will go before God to be judged according to your works and the intents of your heart. If you have believed in Jesus Christ, repented of your sins, and followed His commandments, you will be able to enjoy eternal life in our Heavenly Father’s presence.

A greater knowledge of the plan of salvation has come because of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith. You can know for yourself that these things are true by asking Heavenly Father in prayer.

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